Media tray – additional monitors support

The Reckeen 3D Studio system operates on multiple input and output signals. To ensure even better preview of these signals, you can use additional monitors connected to your workstation. By using a separate monitor, you are able to obtain a preview larger than the one on the screen in the 3D Production application.

A second monitor can be used to display the Multiview view. Clear interface shows the previews available in the 3D Production module.

There are the following previews in the Multiview view:

  • PREVIEW – presentation of the item selected to be broadcasted next,
  • PROGRAM – presentation of the currently broadcasting signal (system output),
  • previews of the virtual cameras V/C 1, V/C 2, V/C 3, V/C 4,
  • a preview of all the media loaded into the virtual players,
  • a preview of the cameras CAM1, CAM2 , CAM3 , CAM4.

The third monitor, after the appropriate configuration, may display a full screen image from PREVIEW or PROGRAM output. Previews on the extra monitors retain their proper aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is consistent with the chosen format, in which the system’s broadcasting output operates.

In the picture – a Multiview view on a separate monitor for the Reckeen 3D Studio system.