FX – effect’s trigger

For your convenience, we have prepared a special trigger which allows you to choose your favorite effect without the need to search the database. Going to OPTIONS and CONFIGURATION menus, you come across TRIGGERS tab. It is possible to program 10 keys in the advanced mode there, e.g. F1 key. In the settings’ parameters you have to select whether a transition should be carried out in MIX mode (smoothly) or with FX effects. Choose a category of your interest and indicate a specific effect in the fields below.

You have to remember that this function’s purpose is to set a given effect in the Production module. After its execution, a corresponding effect’s thumbnail appears in the Production module, ready for use. In order to program both selection of the effect and immediately calling upon this transition effect, a second function under the name OUTPUT TRANSITION AUTO has to be added to the list. As a parameter, time of transition should be given, in seconds or in frames that depend on the system’s output format.

10 favorite buttons can be programmed this way. Then, by pressing one of them in the Production module, you can execute a transition between the Preview and the Program channel. Such programmed Trigger can be stored in the Production module’s session file.