Functions of virtual camera V/C transition movement between shots

6 cameraman V/C 3 shots for ORBIT motion have been set in the previous section.
There are 3 ways to navigate between camera positions in the virtual studio: Cut, Linear or Curved. Remember that shots are set in the Camera setup window, and in the 3D Production module, the realization of transitions between the given shots takes place. As shown below.

It can be done with Cut transition, that is immediately, without any delay. Cut is triggered by right-clicking on the shot’s thumbnail.
There is also a possibility to set the time and type of camera’s transition movement from one position to another – Linear or Curved . These functions can be triggered with a left-click on the thumbnail.
If you choose Linear function, the camera will move between successive positions along straight lines, even though the camera positions have been set on a circle.
The picture below.

If you want the camera to move along an arc also between the shots – select the Curved function. The camera will be moving on a curve calculated by the Reckeen 3D Studio system, as shown above. Camera movement will become ‘fluid’ and will recreate the Orbit motion more naturally.
Enabling the Curved function corresponds to a real camera movements in a studio (see the picture: Description of camera movements in a studio) – Arc right, Arc left (if you move the camera trolley on the studio’s plane) or Tongue right, Tongue Left movement (if you operate a camera on a crane horizontally), or Crane or boom up / Crane or boom down (if you move the camera on a crane vertically).