Edit – Characteristics of items: Text, Frame, Rectangle and Picture

Properties – after selecting an item (picture, frame, rectangle, text) on the working area, it allows you to modify its properties.

Here, we will discuss in detail the properties of individual items that can be placed into the working area – on the example of Text item. Other items (Frame, Rectangle, and Picture) have the same number or a smaller one of properties.

Text, Outline, Shadow and Positioning functions

After opening Text Properties window, in the upper left corner you can find five main functions to choose from allowing you to edit captions: Text, Outline, Color, Shadow and Positioning.

Text function

In the image below you can see an open window of text item properties with the Text function. In the highlighted box there is a place to enter caption’s text that is to appear on screen.
The text can also be entered without opening this window, that is directly on screen with a keyboard, after clicking the left mouse button once on the caption’s text .
You can also open the object’s options window with a double-click of the left mouse button and enter the caption’s text in the edit box. The text’s size and font are set by default.

Another way to edit the text is to enable the Vertical option. Selecting this option will result in text’s rotation by 90 degrees. See the image below.

In this window, you can also set the text’s Row Spacing and Column Spacing. The values of both functions are set by default to 1.00.