DSK function: Swapping the text content already on the air

When you have a file with the news ticker previously prepared in the STILL EDITOR, load it to the Text 1 or the Text 2 tray. Then, turn the DSK on by choosing the Text source from the drop-down list. The news ticker with the text will appear on the Preview screen. See the image below.

You can put your file on the air (Program) with DSK function. Image below.

Any changes made to the *.recStill files are permanently saved overwriting the file, therefore you have to create a clone to avoid this situation. Right-click on the news ticker file’s icon, and then select the Clone option from the drop-down list. For each new file clone, the filename copy with #1, #2, … index is created. This way, you can avoid making unplanned changes to the original file.

Let’s change the text in the clone #1 to show it on the air next. Right-click on the cloned file and select Edit.

A window with a preview of the news ticker opens, as shown below. Now, move the cursor over the text you wish to modify and double-click the right mouse button.

A window opens with a field for entering the text. The current text is displayed there.

Enter the new text and click OK button at the bottom of the window.

After clicking, you will return to the window with the news ticker’s preview. Now you can check, whether the entered message is not too long – it does not “protrude” beyond the screen. If everything is in order, click OK button.

On the air, in the DSK tray you have the original file selected, so all you need is to select your newly created and edited clone from the tray. Double-click it with the left mouse button.
In this way, you have prepared the news ticker changing on the air, without changing the graphics. Image below.

If you clone a couple of news tickers, you can run them in the LOOP by enabling the Autoplay function. Then, the whole sequence of texts shown on the screen with DSK will be playing non-stop (Image below). For more information see: Preparing media for broadcast section.