Control Panel VKEY 100 / external keyboard – V/C STUDIO: SET BUS A SOURCE

With this feature, you can set a signal source A in your studio. The function operates on line A buttons on an additional panel in the lower left corner of the screen. On this panel, you can select A, B, C and D signal sources for your studio.

Select a source from a drop-down list in the V/C Studio Stream field. When you press a key with V/C Studio: Set Bus A Source function assigned, a button with the selected source will light up on the panel.

Image shows a selected source: Camera1.

  • The active CAM1 button is backlit on the panel.
  • V/C Studio: Set Bus B Source function allows you to set a source for the line B,
  • V/C Studio: Set Bus C Source function – a source for line C and consequently,
  • V/C Studio: Set Bus D Source function – for line D.