Control Panel VKEY 100 / external keyboard – V/C STUDIO: SELECT CAMERA

This function is used to enable a particular camera shot. First, select a virtual cameraman (V/C1 to V/C4) in the V/C Unit field. Later, select a shot’s index (1 to 15) in the Camera field and then, select a type of a virtual camera movement in the V/C Transition field. Should the camera move around the studio in a linear fashion: Linear or in a curved one: Curved (real dynamic). The last value to set is a speed of the virtual camera motion in 3D studio – in the Speed field.

Note that, for this function to be executed, image from this virtual camera V/C has to be on the air, that is on the PROGRAM screen.

Let’s assume that a virtual cameraman V/C1 is in a certain position in the studio (e.g. SHOT 1). When you are programming a Trigger for this V/C1 cameraman, the camera moves (Linear or Curved) to SHOT 2 at an indicated speed after the KeyF is activated. The image below.

This way you can design a path a camera moves along. To Key F1 you can assign V/C 1 cameraman’s movement to SHOT 2, make a close-up to the presenter (talent), to Key F2 you can assign V/C 1 cameraman’s movement to SHOT 3 and so on.

This function has one more important feature. Typically, during production, when you go through consecutive shots of a virtual camera, they all have the same transition speed and Linear or Curved (real dynamic) type set. However, a camera movement programmed with V/C Studio: Select Camera function can have any speed and movement type set. Therefore, the camera path composed of sequences triggered by F keys can have different transition speed and type parameters in each part of motion.