Color function

Thanks to the Color function, you can design the text’s filling, including the selection of a fill color or a fill pattern. See the image below.

After opening the drop-down list of Style options, you have the following possibilities: (image below)

  • No brush – the text will be filled with transparency, only the text’s contour will be visible on screen.
  • Solid – transfers you to the color wheel to adjust the text’s color, it is done in the same way as described above, when adjusting the text’s contour color – Outline (see the image below – arrows indicate the possibility to operate using the cursor)
  • Pattern – after opening the drop-down list, select the interesting filling pattern. After selecting the pattern, you can choose the color with the color wheel.
  • Gradient – when you choose a Gradient filling style, a window appears, as shown on next page.

In the case of Gradient, the texts’ filling will be of a gradient type selected at the bottom of the window.

Highlight it with a cursor and click on the select icon.
In the Preview window you can see how the gradient will be applied to your text. You can change the proportions of selected areas of your gradient with triangular markers. The markers are positioned at the colors’ transitions. The color set with a specific marker will be visible in the Color preview window, when you select the marker with a cursor.