Chroma and luma keying – simple chroma key mode

You can use a simplified version of the key settings by checking this mode in the window.

When you click on the button Simple Chrominance Keyer below the highlighted Mode button , a window with a simplified key settings opens up. The background color is selected with a probe. Clicking on the Pick color icon or on a color bar next to the icon, opens a window of a camera preview. Then, you have to select a location with a cursor and click there. The program will automatically sample the color as the background color and present it in the color box next to the probe icon.

The remaining number of sliders is limited to three: Black/White slider, Shadow slider, and Despill slider.

The Shadow slider is available only in the simple version of the key. There is a possibility of creating a shadow of the presenter, especially visible around the feet of the character, on the basis of incident light in the Green/Blue Screen studio. First you have to set the lighting so that , to get the shadow of the presenter on the green screen in the studio (on the floor in the studio). Then you can place this shadow on the floor in the virtual studio with Shadow slider . You can boost this shadow with the Shadow function.

Just as in the precise key mode, also in the simple mode you can turn on and off the mask by checking the Show Alpha Matte option.

The only thing left to do is to set the talent’s image post correction, just as with the precise key described earlier. All the other options are already automatically selected by the Reckeen 3D Studio system.

Also when you apply a simple key, you can save your settings to a *.recKey file using the Save function. Save icon is at the bottom right of the screen (as shown above).