Chroma and luma keying – setting the mask’s area – garbage mask

This is a function used to cut off (reduce) the area of the mask (in all possible directions: left, right, up, down).

This function is used in the case where the view of the keyed background is not large enough to fill out the entire camera image.

A view of the camera’s image area.

You can set the object in the keyed background’s area by cutting off the remaining elements with Left/ Right and Top/Bottom sliders.

A view after the correction of the mask’s area with the keying algorithm off.

Once chroma key is enabled, you get the following effect.

Attention! Please note that, in this case, the object can move only within the area of the cut off mask – otherwise the object will disappear.

What’s more, if you use the mask’s area sliders, you can verify whether your previous settings were correct and whether they had any impact on the final appearance of the virtual background. By moving e.g. Left slider to its maximum, you should not encounter any noticeable noise, change in color or a in grayness of the background.