Chroma and luma keying – luma key

The previously discussed key operating modes were based on a chromatic keying. In most cases they will be sufficient for the user. But the Reckeen 3D Studio system also allows keying based on luminance.

When you select this mode and click on the first icon, you will see the following functions in the window.

  • Box: Luma Color – clicking on the box allows you to select the keyed background color in the scope between white and black,
  • Icon: Show Alpha Matte – a feature that allows you to enable or disable a view of a mask, where the represented image is shown in a gray scale, where:
    • black color is a completely transparent area,
    • white color is a completely opaque area.
  • Slider: Cutoff – this is a function that allows widening the range of transparent colors by luminance similar to the luminance of the reference color (white or black).
  • Slider: Softness – a function that, taking the luminance into account, enables widening the transition scope between the range of colors completely transparent and those fully opaque.

As before, you can save your settings to a *.recKey file to load them again in the future.

Also as before you have the functions Garbage Mask available.

In the luminance key mode, you can go to the tab: Post Correction and, just as before, introduce the changes in the view of the object (talent).