Camera setup

The startup application allows you to use the default shots immediately after loading. Each user has their own preferences, so there is a possibility to change these settings freely to suit your needs. Here, it will be shown with a case of the second virtual cameraman (V/C 2)
If you want to change a position of a camera handled by a virtual cameraman V/C in a studio – first, click on the V/C 2 tab. A view of a shots group opens. Then click on the Camera setup icon.

A window with settings of virtual cameraman’s positions will open along with the loaded shots.

At the bottom left side of the screen, you can see a menu with a list of functions concerning camera settings (shots).

You can, for example, delete shots – by clicking first on the shot image at the bottom of the screen, and then on the Remove button. You cannot remove all the shots – there always has to remain at least one.
There is a possibility to create a new shot with the Add button. The first shot that was set as a default for the studio (here Camera 1) will be always loaded as a first view.
You can clone, that is copy, a position of a camera, and create a new shot on its basis. This is done by selecting the current shot, and then using the Clone icon.
Reset button allows you to reverse the current shot to the default settings, i.e. to the first shot (Camera_1).
Rename button enables you to assign your own name to the shot, e.g. associated with a camera position in a studio.