Billboard function

This function is very useful in the case of a Talent object.

When you enable this function, the Talent will always be positioned ‘facing’ the camera, regardless of the shot. The camera will always point at the Talent at a right angle, as the Talent will rotate around a vertical axis Y. This way, a situation where the camera ‘looks’ at the Talent from the side, seeing only a vertical line, will be avoided.
Below the BILLBOARD checkbox you can also find ENABLE HIDE option. It is used to completely turn off a source of A, B, C, D type from a studio without the need to remove the object itself. The studio’s author can provide in the project possibilities of placing, for example, a form of a talent in various places in the studio. Using them all at once in one frame is not possible, so such source can be switched off for a while.

You have to be careful in the case when the Talent figure stands close to some other object, like to a desk, not to move into it when turning around.

In such case, you should increase the distance between the Talent and the object, or even remove this object from the studio. Graphic designer can disable the Billboard function for the Talent in their project and in this situation you need to save the studio in a new file to change this.