SONY REA-C1000 creates impactful video presentation content which previously would have required significant time, expense and human resource to produce. With Artificial Intelligence-led technology, the REA-C1000 vastly improves the quality of communication by empowering the presenter to deliver content and to engage their audience like never before.


As the world and technology moves forward, techniques of broadcasting, teaching and presenting have been changing drastically in the last years.
Sometimes, we want to see a virtual world more than they we do a real one. We expect to see things that, in reality, we wouldn’t be able to see or do. That’s why the use of animations, Artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality is so popular nowadays.

We’ve discovered that we can lean more quickly, or teach more effectively when using those tools. And fortunately, they’re becoming more accessible for everybody to use.

To fulfil the needs of many creative people out there wanting to enhance their work with world’s top innovations that provide them with limitless possibilities and make their content much more engaging Sony and RECKEEN collaborated on a revolutionizing project. By joining their products RECKEEN 3D Studio and SONY REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance we are bringing you an ultimate tool combining possibilities of a 3D virtual studio with revolutionary artificial intelligence solutions for presentations.

Two functionalities of REA-c1000 can be used today in conjunction with RECKEEN systems – Chroma Key-less CG Overlay and Handwriting Extraction.

Chroma Key-less CG Overlay

Green screen is not a must anymore! That’s thanks to Chroma Key-less CG overlay feature by SONY. Recording in a small, plain room is not a problem anymore! Now, you can transform your bedroom or your office into an impressive virtual studio, without the need of investing in a green screen studio.

Take your productions to another level by using all possibilities of a 3D virtual studio, while recording in the same space you have been using until now. It couldn’t have been easier! Virtual studio will not only make your production more impressive visually, but it will give you freedom and ease in accessing and presenting various content, such as media, graphics, slideshow presentations or animations simultaneously or consecutively, and that way – smoothing out your work.

Handwriting Extraction

If you rely on communicating with your viewers or students through writing and drawing, then Handwriting Extraction is a must! This feature ensures that any words and diagrams written on a board or screen remain in full view to the audience – via AR (augmented reality). During live presentation your handwriting will be more visible and clear, but it will also be saved as a resource, to be played back at a later date.
Thanks to RECKEEN, all of your writing can be transformed into 3D objects, animations or graphic layers to enhance learning, boost viewers’ engagement, and to create truly unique and fascinating content.

Integration of Sony’s exciting technology with RECKEEN’s broadcasting solutions create a set of products for those who want to stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of many.
You can achieve outstanding and professional results without post-production, nor a crew of staff.

Increase your efficiency, engage others, and unleash your creativity!

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