MVP-100 is an advanced video converter which allows conversion of UHD input signals into 4 different streams with resolution up to FullHD. Each device has two UHD inputs which are working simultaneously.


MVP-100 is an advanced video converter that allows processing and conversion of UHD signals (3840×2160), for example: 12G SDI or HDMI 2.0 into four or eight different high-quality streams, at resolutions up to FullHD. MVP-100 has got two independent conversion channels!

This enables simultaneous and parallel processing of two UHD signal sources – 3840×2160, the input signals are converted into eight 3G SDI outputs, which can be additionally synchronized to a Genlock input.

This solution is ideal for professionals who deal with production and broadcasting of video materials using a variety of sources and signal types. It is perfect to apply both on the set and during the life coverage of events.

In addition, MVP-100 converter is really easy to use. The small size of the device, its user-friendly interface.


HDMI port in standard 2.0 mostly used in cameras which can transport up to 3840 x 2160 resolution in frame rate 60 progressive.

SDI 3G/6G/12G

The second way is to use one coaxial cable for two inputs with BNC connector as SDI digital interface standard with supporting 3G/6G/12G signal.


Some of the professional equipment, for a transport 4k signal, uses separate 4 coaxial cables with BNC connector. This method is called as Quad SDI. Each of them transports 3G signal.


One of the possibilities is to connect 8 independent SDI signals at a resolution of up to 3G. At this time, it will not be possible to set virtual frames for each signal from the camera.Each full screen image will be available by pressing the button available on the MVP control panel.


Clone is a function that gives you the ability to set exactly the same content on your channel as on the second input channel. For example, if you connect the 4k signal to channel A and set clone function on channel B, you can expect not only 4 Virtual frames but up to 8 with full animations.


If you are holding a conference, you can cover it with two 4K cameras’ wide angles. You can mimic a multicamera live production using only two physical cameras. This innovative concept requires a lot less manpower and hardware costs compared to a traditional production. More flexibility, more mobility and more camera angles!


Very often, what limits you the most is that you don’t have enough room for all the operators or a lot of extra angles. If you don’t have much space, the two 4K cameras give you the possibilities tantamount to using eight. It opens you a door to a world of so many angles.


MVP 100 can be used as a switcher during a live production to make your program more dynamic. You can choose a wide angle, but also a shot of each person in the studio. When one person is talking, all you need is to switch to the right shot and zoom in or out. No cameraman is needed! You have a complete control over your live production.



MVP is an invaluable tool in creating a top-notch security systems. It allows you to get eight 3G HD outputs from a single 4K camera. As MVP100 processes the signal in real time, you obtain the effect of 8 high-quality mobile video cameras – but without their actual movement. This way, the scaler provides both new opportunities and the possibilities to cut down the costs by reducing the number of actual video cameras and cables, while simultaneously increasing precision and quality in capturing all the important details.