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Reckeen Rental is a new type of service that benefits resellers and distributors, giving them an opportunity for their business to grow and earn more money, without making big investments or undertaking risks.

What do we offer?

Reckeen Rental system offers a fully operational, ready-to-use TV broadcasting and video production system.  Our solutions are perfect for education, small video production studios, local TV stations, corporate TV and video productions, YouTube and Twitch video streamers.

Reckeen Rental package contains:

  • Virtual Studio – 2 versions of our virtual studios are included – Reckeen 3D Studio, and Reckeen Lite. Both of them are high-quality virtual TV studio systems that support 4K resolution and NDI compression formats. The systems come with a 3D Wizard editor that allows even inexperienced users to design their own high-quality virtual studio sets from scratch.
  • Over 50 ready-to-use, top-quality 3D virtual studio sets that can be fully customized, in an easy way, using our editor.
  • VKey-100 – specially designed control panel for our 3D studio, that gives you precise control over real-time video operations
  • MVP-100 – advanced, 4K quality video processor for universal use that mimics multicamera live production, using static cameras. It operates on 8 independent active areas that can be animated in real time
  • MVPKey-100 – control panel dedicated for MVP-100
  • ADB100 – an external audio module equipped with professional inputs and connections with the highest AES / EBU signal quality (AES3)
  • (optional) PC that meets the specifications to operate our solutions smoothly

The overall MSRP value of this package is over €20,000.

Additionally, Reckeen Rental service provides:

  • Free system updates and patches
  • Free full technical support
  • Free service
  • Free promotional materials (in digital format, print-ready)
  • License management system
  • Video tutorials and trainings

Finances, costs and investments.

Reckeen Rental finances focus on flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Flexibility lets the business partners define their own prize for the final customer. Cost effectiveness lets the customers define the rental period according to their needs.

  • Initial investments are based on a refundable deposit of €1,999 (option without a PC) or €3,500 (option with a PC). For that price you get all of the products included in the package.
  • The minimal monthly threshold that a business partner is required to hit is only €100 (if the package without a PC was chosen) or €200 (if a package with a PC was chosen).If there are not enough rentals in a given month to reach the threshold, the amount of €100 or €200 (depending on the package) will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Additionally, a commission to our partner is granted at any sales that result from the Reckeen Rental program.

Daily and weekly rental rates for the customers are defined by business partners.

Reckeen charges business partners the following rates:

Reckeen Rental Package 
ITEMDay rateWeekly Rate
MVP 100 4K switcher & scaler€30.00€98.00
4K Virtual 3D Studio & Lite€100.00€300.00

Note: ADB-100 is an addition to our solutions and can be added free-of-charge to any rentals, on customer’s request.

Comparisons of similar offers available on the market

ITEMInitial investment***Daily rate ** Weekly rate **
DATAVIDEO SE500– 4 Channel Digital Video Switcher $1,100$25$75
Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K Live Switcher$,1695$50$150
MVP-100 with MVPkey-100
3D Studio with VKey-100
Streamstar X4 Production Switcher
Live Stream HD 550 Production Switcher 4K edition
Tricaster Mini SDI w/ Control Surface  $11,995$325$975
NewTek TriCaster 460  $14,995$675$2,000

How to join Reckeen Rental

  • Send us an email to expressing your interest and providing description of your business.
  • We present you with a contract.
  • The contract is signed for 6-month period. We can extend the contract for another 6 months on your request. On renewal, you can acquire an additional license. Everything will be managed from your online account.


Reckeen’s responsibilitiesBusiness partners responsibilities
  • Deliver fully working, tested Reckeen Rental broadcasting system.
  • Manage business partner’s online account and license system maintenance
  • Provide:
    • Free system updates and patches
    • Free technical support
    • Free service
    • Promotional materials
  • Pay a refundable deposit
  • Insure the equipment – in case of equipment’s theft or destruction you agree to repay full replacement value.
  • Take care of the equipment provided by us and its’ return at the end of the agreement.
  • Learn and gain experience about our products, e.g. by watching video tutorials.

Contract termination

If our contract does not satisfy you, you can terminate it at any time. We return your deposit (reduced by any outstanding fees or any costs associated with damage not resulting from equipment’s use, if any).


If your customer provides us the right to publish 1-minute video created with Reckeen® system – you and your customer are entitled to a discount.

Provided materials will only be used to promote Reckeen® products.