The Reckeen 3D Studio is a PC-based system of a complete virtual 3D studio with the ability to import files in OBJ and FBX formats and also available to prepare or download  internal file formats *.recSets. In this case content is protected from modification and copying.


It is a system that enables a real time production of video programs with a high quality chroma key.

The Reckeen 3D Studio system uses four cameras in Full HD mode up to 60 frames per second and their images are keyed independently. The system has 4 virtual cameras with the capability to save up to 15 shots for each of them. This allows the operator to use the following virtual camera movements in the scenography: pan, tilt, zoom, dolly, truck, arc, pedestal, cant and others.

Virtual cameras are controlled via a production keyboard – specially dedicated to the system and equipped with a joystick.

Thanks to the built-in camera editor, you can program very impressive virtual camera movements and transitions in the 3D scenography, and with an innovative 3D set design editor Wizard installed on your system, you can modify and create your own unique studio designs.

This unique 3D scenography editor allows us to build “from scratch” our own 3D studio with available objects. The user as if he built blocks, builds his own scenography and then can modify the color, structure of the studio elements and many other properties. At the end, you can also set your own stage lighting  by choosing the type of light , intensity and color.

Thanks to access to Microsoft Paint  3D we get the possibility to put  into our scenography objects created with this program e.g. 3D subtitles.

The Reckeen 3D Studio system has a built-in STILL EDITOR  for creating captions, text panels or news tickers – even during the Production.

In addition, the Reckeen 3D Studio system with four inputs for cameras and four chroma keys allows the user to place even four talents (a talent is an image of a presenter or an actor in front of a camera) on a single scenography.

It can also be used in a situation, where the images are transmitted by four cameras from  different locations just to be placed in a single virtual scenography. With the Add option we can simultaneously run several different TV studios, put in each virtual cameraman and carry the broadcast. The Reckeen 3D Studio system includes tools for recording, producing and online streaming the created live program.  Reckeen can also be launched in LITE mode. In this situation , system deliver the tools for the creation scenography without 3d spatial knowledge. User can build as much more easier views based on pictures and images.

RECKEEN 3D Studio is actually 9 in 1!

RECKEEN 3D Studio is a complete set of tools and functionalities you need to create, record and broadcast the high-quality 3D video content.

  • Virtual Studio
  • Mixer
  • Still Editor – captions and graphic boards generator
  • Studio Editor Wizard – stage design wizard
  • Virtual studio editor
  • MS 3D PAINT editor
  • Recorder
  • Streamer
  • Reckeen LITE system – the platform’s simpler version for quick tasks and for the beginners