Here, you will find descriptions of the problems you may encounter when working with the Reckeen system.

If you have any questions – search the relevant section for a description of a problem and a solution for it.If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact your local distributor.

Unexpected disruptions in the stable operation of the Reckeen system

Make sure that all the devices connected to the Reckeen system (cameras, external audio mixer, PC , etc.) and the system itself are powered with the voltage of the same phase. The easiest way to verify this is to connect all the devices to a single power strip in accordance with the grounding principles.

Windows system wants to update itself or displays a message referring to inability to start the system or a message about invalid graphics card drivers

For the Reckeen system, Windows updates are disabled. You should not change this allowing the updates or Windows system upgrade , as this may cause instability of the system or even inability to start the Reckeen application. This also applies to updating your graphics card drivers. If you update Windows,
you have to restore it to the previous version.

Can I install antivirus software?

In the event of the need to use antivirus software, it shall be installed, the computer shall be scanned for viruses, and then the software shall be uninstalled. This is to avoid the uncontrolled incorporation of this software during live production and unstable system operation.