Control Panel VKEY 100 / external keyboard – MEDIA: SELECT

If you have more than one file to choose from as a source in the tray, Media: Select function will allow you to select a proper file. First, from the drop-down list in the Media Stream field select a tray: Media1, Media2, Still 1, Still2, Text1, Text 2 or Sound. Then, in the Container Page field, select Page tab number, and in the Media File field, set a path to the file by clicking on an icon with 3 dots. Files (or rather their shortcut icons, as the files themselves remain on the disk and are not copied to the trays) can be added earlier to the tray and so that they appear in the window. If you want to add a shortcut to a file that is not in the tray, but is on the disk, click on the black background in the open window, not on any of the files shortcuts’ icons. You will be automatically transferred to the folders on the disk. After selecting the file
from the disk and clicking on it, its shortcut icon is added to the tray.

Note: When you play a sequence of multiple files (All Play) from a given tray and you use Triggers function Media: Select concerning one of the files in the sequence, then the sequence will be turned off and solely the selected file will be played.