To enable shadows in the studio, first you have to select the first item, [Scene], which covers the main set design’s settings.

You can find “Shadows” position below the objects tree. After checking the function: Enable shadows, additional options for adjusting shadows’ density are displayed

To adjust shadow’s density, use a slider with values ranging from NONE to STRONG.

The first parameter applies to the shadows cast by all the objects in the studio for which Enable shadows option has been checked. The second parameter applies to all the Talent type objects. With a slider, you can set a shadow that is more transparent (NONE) or has higher distinctness (STRONG). The example is shown in the image below.

Shadow parameters for objects will depend on the lights’ settings in the studio, while talent type shadows do not depend on the light settings and are always generated after the Enable Shadows function on a specific Talent type object is checked.
If you are using a ready-made set design, first you select an appropriate Talent type object. If you are creating a new set design, it can be added with ADD button. An appropriate talent thumbnail appears.
The most important thing is to ensure that a contour edge of a field where the talent figure is located was situated just above the floor, under no circumstances penetrating it.

Select the object with a mouse so that it was highlighted in red. The parameters of this object will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Find “Shadows” field.

When you check Enable Shadow option, you enable a shadow for this object.

To set the shadows’ parameters more precisely, it is suggested to set them on a live source. For example, if you select this object, you will notice that this source is set with A mixer, as indicated by the Source index parameter.

Therefore, just set any input from a camera, CAM 1 for example, on the Production module’s mixer.

You will get on the screen a live image from the camera.

Now the live image from the camera should be subjected to a chromatic keying procedure described in the “Keying” section. After setting the key, you can see that the talent figure has been automatically placed and pinned just above the floor.

The first parameter – Size – relates to the radius of the shadow. With the help of the second slider -Shape- you can define the shape of the shadow that is cast.

In the case of non-Talent objects, you select an object so that it becomes highlighted in red.

On the right side, you can now see a Shadow parameter along with Enable Shadow option. With this option you can turn on the shadow for a given object, if the lighting conditions are met, i.e. an appropriate type of light is used, Spot for example.

You can set an appropriate density of the object’s shadow by using the main ([Scene]) parameters.

If you want to use shadows, you have to take into account the fact that they require additional calculations done in the system and, what goes with it, an increased use of graphics memory.
You should enable shadows only for those objects that are clearly visible on the stage and are of particular importance to the final viewer. If there are objects in the set’s background that are barely visible or that do not participate in the main thread of the camera, they do not require shadows. It is not recommended to enable shadows for large objects, i.e. entire large external studio wall, ceiling or floor (such objects do not create shadows in the natural studio environment). For the objects that are not illuminated by any lights, i.e. Direct or Spot ones (as only these types of lights create shadows), there is no need to enable this function. In addition, fully transparent objects also do not create shadows.

It is suggested to pay attention to whether you enable a shadow for an entire group of objects, e.g. for a desk, and not just for one of its legs.

PERFORMANCE function is used for overall evaluation of the scene performance, its description can be found in one of the following parts of the manual.

Shadow function

With Shadow function you can design a shadow surrounding the text, its color, radius and offset. See the image below.

When you enable the Effect field, you can set the Blur Radius, that is shadow’s range around the text’s contour.

  • Blur Offset – allows you to offset the shadow in relation to the text on the screen.
  • Blur Color – when you click the color preview icon, the color window, as described above, will appear and you will be able to set the desired color of the shadow there.


Introducing professional chroma keyer. Simply: key like a pro!

In the software update 2.0 we’ve focused to bring to you a PRO chroma keyer for even more precise keying, especially in the uneven lighting, completely for FREE for all RECKEEN users!

Changes done to RECKEEN chroma keyer:

  • Now, the keyer has an option of colour-picking 3 different areas from your green or blue background, and adjusting the key settings, such as Matte Control and Tolerance Correction, for each colour separately to achieve an even and precise mask.
  • Another feature added is a great addition for all trackless productions – use BACKGROUND CAPTURE to even out the whole background area for seamless yet super quick keying. This new feature can be found in both SIMPLE and PROFESSIONAL key option. It creates a unified mask of your green or blue screen before a talent or stage props are placed on the background.
  • BG Influence – new setting in the Edge Correction tab: an advanced blending function allowing for a better blend of foreground with background

Other exciting updates:

  • NDI 5 support – utilise NDI to its fullest potential!
  • Better performance optimisation for NDI
  • Denoising for talent shadows

Upgrade you the REKEEN software to version 2.0 today directly from its GUI.

Have any questions? Drop us an email at

New RECKEEN software version now available – Release 1.9

New software version is now available do download!

We’re thrilled to announce that from now on RECKEEN supports FreeD Protocol, therefore PTZ tracking & Augmented Reality productions are now available using Reckeen 3D Studio software*.

What’s changed in 1.9 version?

  • Better quality streaming with bitrate up to 9000 kbps
  • Chroma key with 3 colour pickers
    It’s hard to get one consistent green colour all around your green screen – the most common reason is lighting. To ensure more precise keying when the conditions are imperfect, you can now choose up to 3 colours with the picker in Simple chroma key settings.
  • New effects in 3D Studio Editor:
    • Opacity – you can now use opacity in two scenarios – you can change the opacity of any object and set it to a desired value, as well as use opacity as an effect for INTRO and OUTRO in animation settings – an object will appear or disappear from the stage by changing its opacity from or to 0%.
    • Wipe – an effect can be used for INTRO and OUTRO phases in animation settings – an object will appear or disappear from the stage by wipe effect which can be set up at different angles (multiples of 45 degree angles).
  • Virtual set scaler in 3D Studio Editor. Make any virtual set bigger or smaller using SCALE option in 3D Studio Editor. You can independently scale each of the X,Y and Z axes. This is particularly useful when using Virtual Studio PTZ tracking feature – sine you cannot change the size of a talent, you need to change the size (scale) of a 3D set, if the proportions between the talent and the scene do not match up.
  • RECKEEN XR – features for PTZ tracking & AR* RECKEEN now supports FreeD protocol, which allows for PTZ tracking and AR productions. These features are called RECKEEN XR.

RECKEEN XR Software changes

  • Tracking tab in the configuration window
  • PTZ tab for PTZ presets next to V/C tab
  • Status Monitor
  • Set calibration window
  • T1-T4 options in 3D Studio Editor
  • PTZ control via VKey-100 Control Panel
  • Virtual Studio PTZ Tracking:
    • talent shadows
    • precise reflections
    • depth recognition – possibility to walk around a 3D object
    • 360° mode – you can now make productions using high resolution 360° still pictures
  • Augmented Reality:
    • AR shadows
    • AR light in 3D Studio Editor / Lights
    • Chroma keying in AR mode – possibility to insert trackless video signals, and to use Smartkey feature.
  • Multi-camera productions using multiple modes – use a combination of Virtual Studio tracking, AR and trackless modes in one, multi-camera production.


RECKEEN XR demo version with watermark is available to every RECKEEN user who updates the software to version 1.9. However, to fully enable the features, purchase of RECKEEN XR license is needed.
Licenses are available for 90 days, 365 days and lifetime. Find out more by sending an email to and by visiting

Covid news virtual studio case study

The need for high-impact communication never goes away. The past year made us realise how easily we used to take the availability and opportunity for communication for granted. Suddenly, all our events, conferences, shows, expos got cancelled or moved online. Business meetings, training sessions, presentations, webinars – all taking place via video conferencing apps.

How can business keep their audience and customers engaged and interested if communication became so limited? But even more importantly, how can it stimulate and motivate its team to take action and stay focused?


It’s like a virtual background, but better. It streams live, but better. It lets you create content and make presentations, but …. you guessed it – it does it better.

Virtual studio solutions let you place a meeting host or a presenter in a fully virtual and interactive  space with a plenty of features helping you create truly engaging and impressive content.

In the recent years the market has got flooded with apps that can sort of put you in a virtual scenery – virtual backgrounds on Zoom or Skype, Instagram effects, chroma key feature in post-production softwares. There are a lot of free options. But what can they really do for you and your business?

To maintain high performance of your business, you need to make sure to adjust to the current situation the best way you can. That means developing ways you deliver messages, communicate, present, inform, excite.

Everybody who creates video content, works in creative industries, practices public speaking, knows that what you want to achieve is audience’s engagement, interest, their urge to listen and observe.
All free alternatives are extremely limiting, so if you want to create something that really stays with your viewer, then you need something extra.

RECKEEN 3D Studio is a product that will change how you think about communication and information delivery. The solution can be utilised to create better online events, conferences, and internal presentations, to host meetings, and create video materials used for training sessions, promos, video blogs, and more. Let’s get some overview of its features:


Transport yourself from even the smallest, simplest green screen background to a virtual scenography of your choosing. Big or small, minimalistic or all out, everything is possible. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer, and you don’t need experience. Choose from a template, modify, customise – intuitively. Match the virtual set to your business image and a type of event you’re hosting to maximise the effect.


We’ve also connected with 2 remote speakers to have a live interview. For that purpose you can use well-known videoconferencing apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and more, however we’ve decided to use Skype due to its convenient, built-in NDI feature. Not only we could bring live signal from speakers’ webcams and microphones inside the virtual studio, but our guests were also able to watch the live production coming from the virtual studio on Skype, from the comfort of their homes. This is a great way to elevate any live interactions and take them to the next level.

We’ve also connected with 2 remote speakers to have a live interview. For that purpose you can use well-known videoconferencing apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and more, however we’ve decided to use Skype due to its convenient, built-in NDI feature. Not only we could bring live signal from speakers’ webcams and microphones inside the virtual studio, but our guests were also able to watch the live production coming from the virtual studio on Skype, from the comfort of their homes. This is a great way to elevate any live interactions and take them to the next level.


Whether its a custom-made 3D model, or an object from our library, you can add it into a scene and animate it, creating an interactive space that adjusts to your needs and impresses your audience. Visualisation doesn’t get better than this. Convey a message effectively! For the presentation of statistics and data regarding coronavirus cases in June 2020, we’ve decided to use 3D models of the globe and a map of the USA to exhibit the information in the most clear and direct way. All elements used in the video has been prepared as static 3D models, and later animated inside Reckeen 3D Studio Editor.


Organise all your videos, images, slideshow presentations and sounds and bring them up into a virtual space when it’s their time. You can even send them directly from a different laptop, PC or a phone via IP using the ever-growing NDI protocol.

The music in the background, the images and videos on the monitors used in our video have been prepared prior to the filming and waiting to be triggered to come up on the correct screen in the correct time during the production.


From speakers names, contact information and company’s logos, to news tickers and any other graphic compositions – to make your content look even more professional. We’ve prepared the graphics for the video titles in Photoshop, but any later modifications, such as text, scale and exact placement of the titles on the screen have been done using Reckeen’s Still Editor.


The reason this solution is amazing is its capability to render everything in real-time. That’s why this solutions is being taken by storm – it’s a perfect way to host live events, conferences, meetings and trainings during these difficult times. But moreover, it sets a news standard of a high quality and high-impact communication, that will soon become a new norm.

All features you need to create stunning content are concentrated in one box. This powerful PC is not only a virtual studio itself, but it’s a switcher, mixer and a streaming device which means you can make a full-on productions using this one piece of equipment. Additionally, apart from a production software you get various editors, lots of complementary content, and free-of-charge software updates.
In the era where you have to pay for all extra plug-ins and content, this is extraordinary!

If all that feels a bit overwhelming – fear not. Reckeen’s philosophy is to make products that are easy to operate and intuitive – that’s what differs us from other 3D studio solutions. You don’t have to be a professional videographer, video producer or a graphic designer to create high quality content. (But if you are, then that’s amazing! You can make the best out of the product in a blink of an eye).

There are many video tutorials available, and an extensive user manual to help you out with first steps. Our customer service is also always available to help you with troubleshooting, and if you need an intensive training session – for a fee you can get a few-hour long online session with RECKEEN’s staff to answer all of your questions.


Hardware contains:

  • A powerful PC with:
    – 4 inputs and outputs (2x HDMI, 2x 12G SDI), supporting resolution up to 4K 60p
    – Built-in audio panel – available for two types of microphones – dynamic and condenser with +48V phantom
  • Control panel VKey-100 for mixing and switching your video signals, equipped with joystick which lets you control the virtual cameras manually

Software contains:

  • 4 independent high-end chroma keys.
  • 6 NDI inputs and 1 NDI output – letting you connect devices via IP connection
  • Video switcher
  • Audio mixer
  • Recorder and streamer
  • Multi-camera production mode
  • 2 downstream keys (DSK)
  • 4 virtual cameras with full-range of movements capacity
  • 10 programmable triggers – macro commands that simplify and automate production
  • Support for 3D objects and animations in .FBX format
  • Media Trays to store all your media files
  • Multiviewer screen

Built-in applications:

  • 3D Studio Editor – customise your 3D virtual set – add, move or delete 3D objects, add animations, adjust lighting, shadows, talent set-up, change studio colours and textures, and more.
  • Still Editor – create captions, graphic boards, news tickers, and other graphic compositions.
  • SmartKey – advanced PIP feature, with 4 independent chroma keys that can generate 4 separate signals with spokespersons on different backgrounds
  • Virtual Camera Shots Editor – design virtual cameras’ movements for smooth production
  • Reckeen Lite – 2D production module
  • Integrated Microsoft Paint 3D application

Default content:

  • Fully customisable 50 ready-to-use studio sets of and 44 ready-to-use PIP scenographies of different styles
  • Library of over 700 3D objects
  • Library of textures & materials – wood, metal, plastic, stone, fabrics, etc. in various colours – to customise any object, wall or floor inside a 3D studio.
  • Sample media files – videos, images, audio files, and graphics used for captions and text.

There’s no hidden costs, no extras you need to pay for to use all of the features listed above.

And now, the shocker – all that can be bought for under 17,000 EUR*!
*price for Europe region

If you look at our competitors, there’s no other company that can offer you an end-to-end solution  like this one, providing you with as much creative possibilities, great quality and flexibility as we do.

RECKEEN 3D Studio can easily be operated by one person, and does a great job even in difficult conditions – for example using only a very basic green screens and a couple of softboxes. That’s why it’s makes a great solution if you have limited resources but still want to produce high-end content.
RECKEEN will help you grow!

Moreover, you won’t find any “Made in China” sign anywhere, because everything is made and manufactured in Europe. Similarly, all technologies used within RECKEEN 3D Studio are custom-made by the company – chroma key (developed by us over the past 20 years), 3D engine, interface as well as capture cards, audio processors, and advanced projects using FPGA.

If you feel that Reckeen’s solution can benefit your business, send us an inquiry to

Oh, and let me tell you a secret – there are exciting news coming your way in the upcoming months. Keep your eyes peeled, because we are going to shake up the industry even further.

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RECKEEN XR Extend the experience with extended reality

A step up from your trackless virtual studio solution!
Greater immersion into a virtual world means more incredible and extraordinary outcome.
Wow your audience with real-time Augmented Reality and Tracking 3D Virtual Studio productions.


Create even more advanced and dynamic productions thanks to PTZ tracking.
Pan-tilt-zoom functionalities gives a presenter the ability to move around a green screen more freely, whilst the image maintains its highest quality by using the camera’s optical zoom.

The advanced shadow processor not only generates real-time shadows and reflections of an on-screen talent, but also analyses the depth of the talent in a green studio space, which makes it possible to walk around 3D objects located in the virtual set.


Transform a plain view from a camera into a truly immersive space. Improve your viewers’ watching experience by adding three-dimensional elements and animations to the physical surrounding.

Blend the real and the virtual worlds together to create live AR productions.


Control the movements of the PTZ cameras directly from the RECKEEN’s application and VKey-100 control panel.

Program PTZ presets in RECKEEN’s Editor or use the joystick on the VKey-100 to smoothly change a camera’s position.
Everything under your fingertips – one application, one controller, one place to manage the whole production from.


Use up to 4 cameras to create advanced and outstanding productions.
RECKEEN XR allows you to independently use different XR modes together – one camera can render virtual studio environment when the other performs tasks in Augmented Reality mode.
Unleash your creativity and expand your possibilities.


RECKEEN XR is compatible with the following camera models:



Great choice for education and semi-professional purposes.

*The XR features work when using HDMI or SDI connectors – connecting camera via NDI will allow to control pan, tilt and zoom positions directly from Reckeen control panel, but XR features will be disabled.



Stunning picture quality and smooth tracking in 4K.



Stunning picture quality and smooth tracking in FullHD.

Accelerate your productions with RECKEEN Software Update 1.8

It’s time for another software update for RECKEEN Lite, RECKEEN 3D Studio and 3DS Pro! Version 1.8 is ready and awaiting to be downloaded and installed.

This time we focused on variety of improvements in different areas, such as performance, operations, facilitations, effectiveness and additional virtual studio features for even better final effect.

Operations and facilitations

  • New macro command (trigger) – V/C Set Depth of Field
  • Cam1 to V/C all – Multi-camera feature when using one camera source
  • Simultaneous visibility of all shadows of on-screen talents in the 3D Studio Editor when using Multi-camera mode.
  • New streaming facilitation: option for entering one RTMP link under ‘Address’ without the need to enter ‘Stream’ information
  • Automatic file splitting when capturing – set time between 15 and 240 minutes – separate files will be created each time your chosen time period has been reached, without stopping the capture.
  • Rebuilt audio mixer – independent audio mixer for V/C set-up
  • Simultaneous NDI out and General streaming
  • Audio output support for Bluetooth audio devices


  • Acceleration of video playback for inputs
  • Acceleration of video files playback for media trays 1 & 2
  • Performance indicator – GPU, CPU, ACCELERATION
  • Lanczos sampling – filter to improve the quality of talent scaling


  • Active option Shadows for PNG objects in the 3D editor
  • Active option Shadows for Animations objects in the 3D editor
  • Precise reflections on the floor


  • Windows 10, version 2004
  • AMD GPU Driver 20.8.3

Additionally, on our website you can find:

Download our new user manual which now includes all of the necessary information regarding changes made in software update 1.8.

RECKEEN Lite E-learning – interaktywne lekcje on-line

Twórz prezentacje – prowadź lekcje – pytaj – odpowiadaj. 

Multimedialny system do prowadzenia interaktywnych lekcji online, 0% VAT dla placówek oświatowych!

Multimedialny komputer do prowadzenia interaktywnej lekcji online, 0% VAT dla placówek oświatowych!

W obecnej sytuacji panującej pandemii koronawirusa i podjętych w związku z tym działań prewencyjnych, nauczyciele zostali pozbawieni możliwości realizacji swoich obowiązków w dotychczasowy sposób. Pozbawieni bezpośredniego kontaktu z uczniami, nie są w stanie w efektywny sposób realizować podstawy programowej ani śledzić postępów swoich podopiecznych, przez co motywacja uczniów maleje z dnia na dzień.

Szkoły starają się znaleźć alternatywne metody prowadzenia zajęć dydaktycznych, zastępując codzienne lekcje systemami do zdalnej nauki. Jednakże żaden z dostępnych systemów, opartych jedynie na wymianie gotowych dokumentów nie pozwala na nawiązanie interakcji z uczniami w czasie rzeczywistym.

Ograniczenia związane z komunikacją i elastycznością przekazu do z góry zaplanowanego scenariusza uniemożliwiają nauczycielom szybkie reagowanie na potrzeby uczniów. Nie pozostają one również bez wpływu na samych rodziców, starających się zorganizować pracę swoim dzieciom, dopilnowywać terminów realizacji prac domowych i śledzić pojawiające się nowe zadania. Ograniczona rola i możliwości kontaktu i realizacji codziennych obowiązków nauczycieli powoduje narastającą frustrację wśród nauczycieli, rodziców i uczniów.

Wychodząc naprzeciw niecodziennej sytuacji i podejmując próbę zaspokojenia powstałych potrzeb zarówno organizacyjnych jak i technicznych, Ministerstwo Edukacji zainicjowało program finansowy mający na celu złagodzenie negatywnych skutków ograniczonej komunikacji.

Program przeznacza 180 mln złotych na rozbudowę infrastruktury i zakup rozwiązań technologicznych umożliwiających wdrożenie zdalnych metod nauczania. Szczegóły programu można znaleźć w tym artykule.
Nauczyciele, choć starają się, aby uczniowie wynieśli jak najwięcej z przekazywanych informacji i zadań, napotykają barierę technologiczną uniemożliwiającą przekazanie wiedzy w optymalny i interesujący dla uczniów sposób.

Polska firma RECKEEN opracowała produkt do zdalnego nauczania, przełamujący istniejące bariery technologiczne, który usprawnia pracę nauczycieli i sprawia, że nauka online jest przyjemna, innowacyjna i wciągająca. System ten pozwala na dwukierunkową interakcję z uczniami i przekazywanie wiedzy w pasjonujący i angażujący sposób, jednocześnie rozwijając ich kreatywność.

RECKEEN Lite e-Learning to multimedialny komputer, z którego nauczyciel może prowadzić lekcje online zarówno na żywo, jak i nagrywać je do późniejszego odtwarzania. Zajęcia odbywają się w wirtualnym studiu, w którym prowadzący może publikować różnego rodzaju pomoce naukowe, takie jak filmy, obrazy, grafy czy tekst na wirtualnych ekranach. Integracja systemu z programami typu PowerPoint czy Keynote daje możliwość przygotowania notatek w formie pokazu slajdów i łatwej ich kontroli podczas lekcji.

Co jest niezwykle ważne, połączenie z uczniami nawiązujemy poprzez ogólnie dostępną, darmową aplikację Skype, którą każdy z nas dobrze zna. Zarówno nauczyciele, jak i uczniowie mogą odbierać sygnał głosowy, jak i wideo. Dodatkowo system RECKEEN daje możliwość wyświetlania obrazu z kamery ucznia na ekranie wirtualnego studia. Dzięki temu mamy możliwość obustronnej interakcji uczniów z nauczycielem.

Dzięki integracji systemu z platformami społecznościowymi takimi jak Facebook, YouTube czy Twitch, lekcje mogą być emitowane w czasie rzeczywistym, a jednocześnie mogą być również zarejestrowane i zapisane przez komputer. Wszystkie funkcjonalności platform, takie jak okienko czatu czy zabezpieczenie hasłem będą nadal dostępne, co poszerza możliwość konfiguracji.

Z racji tego, że system korzysta z powszechnie popularnych i dostępnych platform komunikacyjnych i społecznościowych, już przy internecie o szybkości 3MB/s uczestnicy są w stanie komfortowo odbierać i wysyłać sygnał emitowanej lekcji.

Oprogramowanie systemu RECKEEN Lite e-Learning jest w języku polskim. Firma RECKEEN udostępnia też klientom kilkadziesiąt filmików instruktażowych w języku polskim oraz mając na uwadze jak ważny jest ten aspekt szczególnie dla instytucji edukacyjnych oferuje szkolenia z obsługi i montażu systemu.

Aby uruchomić system i korzystać z niego w pełnym zakresie jego możliwości potrzebujemy:

  • kamery,
  • zielonego tła,
  • mikrofonu dla lepszej słyszalności
  • i dostępu do internetu.

Po więcej informacji dotyczących instalacji i uruchomienia systemu odsyłamy do instrukcji: RECKEEN Lite E-learning – pierwsze uruchomienie

W Polsce z systemów RECKEEN korzystają już między innymi:

  • Ośrodki Doskonalenia Nauczycieli z Wielkopolski uczestniczące w programie CYFROWA SZKOŁA 2020:
    • ODN Poznań,
    • ODN Kalisz,
    • CDN Konin
    • CDN Piła.
  • Karkonoska Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa w Jeleniej Górze,

Więcej niż tylko szkoła online

Inwestycja w wirtualne studio zapewni nie tylko fantastyczną pomoc przy prowadzeniu zajęć online, ale również stanowi kreatywną i edukacyjną formę budowania i kształtowania nowych pasji wśród uczniów. Oznacza to, że po powrocie do szkół studio może być wykorzystywane zarówno przez nauczycieli i dyrekcję np. do tworzenia szkoleń, wykładów czy lekcji, jak i młodzież do rozwijania zainteresowań filmowych i reporterskich np. poprzez prowadzenie szkolnej telewizji.

Aby dowiedzieć się więcej o wykorzystaniu naszego studia, zapraszamy do obejrzenia krótkiego reportażu przygotowanego przez WRPO Wielkopolska.

Piotr Waśko

Dyrektor projektu “Cyfrowa Szkoła Wielkopolsk@ 2020”

Inwestycja w wirtualne studio zapewni nie tylko fantastyczną pomoc przy prowadzeniu zajęć online, ale również stanowi kreatywną i edukacyjną formę budowania i kształtowania nowych pasji wśród uczniów. Oznacza to, że po powrocie do szkół studio może być wykorzystywane zarówno przez nauczycieli i dyrekcję np. do tworzenia szkoleń, wykładów czy lekcji, jak i młodzież do rozwijania zainteresowań filmowych i reporterskich np. poprzez prowadzenie szkolnej telewizji.

Po więcej informacji dotyczących instalacji i uruchomienia systemu odsyłamy do instrukcji: RECKEEN Lite E-learning – pierwsze uruchomienie

Aktualna sytuacja wymusiła poszukiwanie alternatywnych rozwiązań dla codziennych aktywności i realizacji obowiązków. RECKEEN Lite e-Learning wspomoże działanie Twojej placówki nie tylko podczas tego trudnego dla wszystkich czasu, ale będzie to robić przez wiele następnych lat, oferując dostęp do najwyższego typu technologii wirtualnego studia i systemów e-learningowych, z perspektywą rozszerzenia możliwość systemu do bardziej zaawansowanej wersji z technologią 3D. RECKEEN to inwestycja w przyszłość i innowacyjność!

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RECKEEN 3DPRO – specification

An advanced 3D virtual studio workstation for broadcasters who value versatility, high quality and cost-effectiveness.


Video input

  • SDI Video Input
    • 4 x 3G – 3G/HD/SD auto switching
    • 3G,12G – 4 x 3G SDI and 2 x 12G SDI
  • HDMI
    • 2 x HDMI 2.0 type A connector with support for 1080p60 up to 4k 60p

Monitor output

  • 2 x DP output for monitor
  • 2 x HDMI output for monitor – The number of HDMI/DP outputs depends on the graphics card

Audio input - ADB100

  • Digital embedded stereo on each SDI and HDMI
  • 2 x AES/EBU
  • Analog
    • 4 x XLR two channels – professional balanced analogue audio stereo differential input (-10dBV, or 4dBu)
    • Two types of microphones – dynamic and condenser with + 48V phantom

Video output

  • SDI Video Output
    • 8 x SDI – 3G/HD
    • 3G,12G – 6x3G/HD and 2x12G – 4k 60p
  • HDMI
  • HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 2160p30

I/O Port

  • Tally Output
    • TL – DB26 – 4 channels
  • Reckeen External Keyboard port
    • RS – DB9 – RS 232 and RS422
  • Reckeen External Audio port
    • RJ45 – Audio Link
  • Ethernet
    • Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • PC/2
    • PC keyboard
  • USB
    • 2 x USB 3.0 ( front panel )
    • 4 x USB 3.0 ( back panel )
    • 1 x USB 3.1 ( back panel )

Audio output - ADB100

  • Digital embedded stereo on each SDI and HDMI
    • 2 x AES/EBU
  • Analog
    • 4 x XLR two channels – professional balanced analogue audio stereo differential input (-10dBV, or 4dBu)
    • 1 x Jack 6,3mm – stereo Headphone output

Video formats

  • Reckeen SDI Virtual Studio System
    • Input
      • 2 x HDMI v1.4, 2x SDI
        • 2160p 30/25 on one HDMI
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
      • PAL, NTSC
    • Output
      • 2 x HDMI v1.4, 2x SDI
        • 2160p 30/25 on one HDMI
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
  • Reckeen HDMI Virtual Studio System
    • Input
      • 4 x HDMI v1.4
        • 2160p 30/25 on two HDMI
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
      • PAL, NTSC
    • Output
      • 2 x HDMI v1.4
        • 2160p 30/25 on one HDMI
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50

Reference input - (Genlock)

  • Black Burst or Tri-Sync

Video standards

  • SDI
    • Input – auto switching
      • 2 x SDI 12G 2160p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
      • 6 x SDI 3G
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
        • PAL, NTSC
    • Output
      • 2 x SDI 12G 2160p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
      • 6 x SDI 3G
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
        • PAL, NTSC
  • HDMI
    • Input – auto switching
      • 2 x HDMI 2.0
        • 2160p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50
        • PAL, NTSC
    • Output
      • HDMI 1.4
        • 2160p 30/29.97/25
        • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
        • 1080i 60/59.94/50
        • 720p 60/59.94/50


  • NDI input:
    • 4 input interchangeably as cam 1 to cam 4 with supported stream key or Reckeen chroma key
    • 2 input interchangeably as media 1 and 2
  • NDI output:
    • program out

© NDI® is a trademark of NewTek, Inc


  • Downstream Key – x2
  • Media Format
    • MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 containers: (avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mxf, mov)
    • Audio: WAV, MP3
  • Video Capture Format
    • H.264 (.mp4) MPEG-2 (.mpg)
    • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
    • 1080i 60/59.94/50
    • 720p 60/59.94/50
    • H.264 up to 4k 30p and 60p
  • Still Picture – x2 picture format .png, .jpg, .bmp
  • Still Text – x2 Still Editor included
  • Keyer – x4
    • Chroma Key / Luminance Key
    • SmartKey with 4 SDI outputs
  • Streaming
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • NicoNico
    • NDI
    • and custom profiles


  • Reckeen 3D package:
    • 3D Production
    • 3D Studio Editor
    • 3D Wizard
    • MS 3D Paint
    • Still Editor
  • Reckeen Lite package:
    • Lite Production
    • VSM Lite Editor (also as a standalone version)
    • Still Editor



Tally output allows you to connect the LEDs signaling the active camera operation on the studio set.


NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry.
© NDI® is a trademark of NewTek, Inc.


You can create 3D objects you want to place in the virtual studio scenography in MS Paint 3D editor, that you get preinstalled with RECKEEN 3D Studio.


You can launch the application in 2 different color schemes: light or dark.


Production Switcher works like an actual switcher, it supports up to 12 media sources for the program and for the preview.


Up to two 4K camcordes or up to four Full HD (4x HDMI or 2xHDMI and 2x SDI – depending on the version)


Up to 1080P Full HD 3G , 2x SDI


Up to 2160P 30 or Full HD

2 x DSK

DSK allows you to place additional overlays on the screen, such as news tickers, station’s logo, or other graphic panels.

3D Studio Editor

3D Studio Editor allows you to modify and expand the ready-made virtual studio projects – including those you’ve created yourself in the Wizard.

3D Wizard

You can create your own set design in five steps.


Still editor is an additional module for creating text panels, complementary to the 3D & Lite production module.

Import from 3D

RECKEEN 3D Studio system supports .OBJ and .FBX formats, and it is in compliance with them.


PBR (Physical Based Rendering) – scenography, architecture or equipment elements visible on the screen reflect properties of their real-world counterparts.


RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders talent / presenter’s shadows in real-time.


For each item of equipment, RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders shadows in real-time.


You can find the following types of lights in RECKEEN 3D Studio: Ambient, Directional, Point and Spot.


RECKEEN 3D Studio system renders real-time reflections from flat glossy surfaces. These reflections change in accordance with altering position of the virtual camera.

Chroma Key

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite offers 3 types of keys (Chroma key, Simple chroma key and Luma key), you can enable up to four keys at the same time!

Audio Control

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite comes with a sound mixer that allows you to set the sound levels for each of the available inputs.

Mic in

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite system supports two types of microphones – dynamic and condenser with + 48V phantom.

Audio link

External connector allowing you to connect additional audio input / output.


Thanks to CAPTURE function you can record to a file on your hard drive.

Online shop

Under construction

Object library

The 3D Editor and Wizard Editor’s library contains a huge number of ready-made 3D studio components and equipment divided into different categories.


In addition to the available previews of the prepared video material (PRV) and of the broadcast (PRG), Multiview enables you to configure and preview all the media from the media tray, which can be accessed on a separate monitor.

Single view

You can carry out production using a single monitor. It is recommended to distribute the Single view into 3 different monitors connected to the Reckeen system.

Global illum

Ambient – a type of light that fills an entire studio and illuminates all the objects evenly. Ambient light does not come from any particular direction and it falls on all the elements of 3D scene, helping you lighten or darken them.

Audio follow

this feature allows you to mute the sound of a chosen channel up until a video signal associated with the given sound source appears on the vision.


Reckeen system supports basic transitions such as: Cut , Fade and FTB – Fade to Black.


Reckeen system allows you to select one of four virtual cameras (virtual cameramen) and save up to 15 virtual camera shots for each camera.


With advanced arranging features, Reckeen system allows you to create in real time fully realistic 3D scenes with elements that reflect their real-world counterparts’ behavior.


The Reckeen system can be fully operated with a PC keyboard and a mouse.


The application uses the H.264 codec to compress and encode video sequences.


4K technology is a new standard for video images.
In combination with excellent sound quality, picture 4K becomes a source of extremely realistic experience.
The Reckeen system allows you to work in 4K resolution.
This means operating the system’s up to two inputs and output in 2160p format, i.e. with a resolution of 3840×2160.
The chroma and luma key also work in 4K format.
You can choose from among 3 progressive scan operating modes, that is full frame frequency: p25, p29,97 and p30.